Tuition Fees 2023-24

TUITION FEES  - Academic Year 2023-24

Enrollments from 1 July to 6 November, 2023.

Late enrollments are permitted between 7 November to 31 January 2024.

Late entollments incur in a late-fee of 25/50 €



NON EU-CITIZENS (who are resident outside Italy)

The total tuition fee amount is 456.

The first instalment of €156 (regional fee €140 + virtual revenue stamp €16) must be paid at the time of finalization of enrollment.
Late payment incurs an additional late-fee 
of €50.

The second instalment must be paid by 20 December 2023.
Late payment incurs an additional late-fee of €25.



Non EU- citizens from certain poor and developing countries (*) 
The total tuition fee amount is €356.
Late payment incurs an additional late-fee of €50.

(*) List of the countries


EU-CITIZENS - OCSE CITIZENS -  NON EU-CITIZENS (regularly resident in Italy)
follow the same rules as Italian Nationals. The calculation of their tuition fee amount  is based on the ISEE-U parificato(**)

For further details see Guida dello Studente or contact the Student Registry 

(**) ISEE-U This document is related to the economic situation, income and assets of the family. The calculation is based on the original financial documents issued by the office-in-charge in their home country. Once in Italy, these documents have to be  transformed into ISEE-U by Italian Agencies  (CAAF).
Students who do not submit to the ISEE-U, must pay the full contribution.

Payment of tuition fees can be carried out ONLY by PagoPA , the  Italian Public Administration System for payments