Good reasons to choose UNICAM

Good Reasons To Choose UNICAM

A University located in the green heart of Italy
that places great importance on environmental sustainability.

A University that offers students incomparable tranquility for study.
Since a healthy body means a vigorous mind, the sporting facilities are outstanding.

Study courses to stimulate your curiosity and your need to understand the
world around us and the natural laws that regulate it.
You can choose courses where environment meets technology,
 where science, art and architecture intersect.

UNICAM has a long, respected tradition for 
quality teaching and scientific research.
Research Projects and Technological Transfer are top priority.


Choosing the University of Camerino for study and research means you are choosing a first-class institution of higher education that is structured on a human scale in a safe and friendly place with a great international atmosphere: fully 10% of the students are International Students from 50 countries.

There is a great sense of respect for different ideas, different backgrounds and different cultures, a positive, productive and creative environment where your personal objectives can be reached,  thanks to the small classes, excellent facilities and services, and excellent professor/student ratio.