Dissemination Albania

Project Details:
  • UNICAM Project Supervisor:             

Prof. Renato De Leone - Rector Delegate for International Relations (email: renato.deleone@unicam.it)

  • UNICAM Administrative Coordinator:

Dr. Arianna Bartoletti - IRO (email: arianna.bartoletti@unicam.it)

  • UMT Project Supervisor:

Prof. Ledjan Malaj, Pharmacy Professor UMT and Agreement Supervisor (email: ledjan.malaj@umed.edu.al)

  • UMT Administrative Coordinator: 

Dr. Durim Cela - IRO (email: durimcela@yahoo.com)

  • UT Project Supervisor:

Prof. Bernard Dosti, Vice Rector for Scientific Research (email: iro@unitir.edu.al)

  • UT Administrative Coordinator: 

Dr. Elton Skendaj - IRO (email: elton.skendaj@unitis.edu.al)

  • UNISHK Project Supervisor:

Prof. Adem Bekteshi, Rector of Universiteti i Shkodres Luigj Gurakuqi (email: adem.bekteshi@unishk.edu.al)

  • UNISHK Administrative Coordinator: 

Dr. Erard Curcija - IRO (email: erard.unishk@gmail.com)

  • UNICAM Academic Coordinator: 

Prof. Emanuele Tondi - Rector's Delegate for Non-EU Countries (email: emanuele.tondi@unicam.it)

Totale Grant Awarded: € 40.788,00 

Thanks to the great collaboration of all partners, the Consortium has been able to implement seven students mobilities (six for studies and one for traineeship). The three students' mobility from UMT carried out a research for thesis in Pharmacy and they all worked on co-supervised researches aimed at developing cosmetic formulations to treat aged skin and to be used by professionals.

The three incoming students from UT deepened their knowledge in ICT attending lessons and taking exams in the following areas: performance analysis and simulation, queueing networks, process mining, knowledge engineering and business intelligence and IoT protocols and standards.

The student from UNISHK focused her attention on the introduction to operations research and to advanced probability and stochastic processes.


Academic Year 2020/2021


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