Specialization Schools & Masters

The University of Camerino offers a wide range of post-graduated  Diplomas and Vocational Programmes

Specialization Schools
provide knowledge and know-how for practice in specific professions. The length of study is at least two years. 

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School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine
- Animal Health, Breeding Zoothecnical Production 
- Hygiene and control of fishery products and aquaculture

School of Law
- Legal Professionals (Universities of Camerino and Macerata)
- Civil Law

School of Pharmacy
- Hospital Pharmacy

Post-graduate Diplomas
are post-Bachelor Degree  (Masters of first level) or post-Master degree qualifications (Masters of second level)  most of them conducted in Italian.
A Master provides professional knowledge and know-how. It is also open to practicing professionals in need of further qualifications.
 It is obtained with a minimum of 60 credits/1 year

University Post-Graduate Vocational Training Programmes
University Post-Graduate Vocational Training Programmes (Lifelong  Learning) help people to acquire and improve higher-level  skills with the aim of enhancing their personal and professional abilities and proficiencies, both in their life and their career. Most of the programmes are conducted in Italian.

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