Language services

The Language Development sector (SCL) offers a variety of language services which include both didactics and foreign language lessons.
As well as offering and ensuring language study for all University students and  members. 
Foreign language courses in English, French, German, Italian are held by mother tongue teachers. The classes of a maximum of 25 students are open to the general public as well as to the University and are fee paying with different categories of charges.
Students interested in getting International Language certificates have the opportunity  to get Cambridge ESOL Certifications for English and D.E.L.F./D.A.L.F for French 

UNICAM  is also home to the CENTRO CAMBRIDGE UNICAM (Cambridge Centre) where it is possible to sit English Language examinations at a variety of levels.
A graded pass leads to an internationally recognised certificate.

Contact person
Elisabetta Gaspari
Tel. 0737 404612