PhD courses

PhD courses (Doctoral courses) - three years

In 2005 UNICAM instituted an international School of Advanced Studies with the objective of increasing the participation of foreign candidates in our PhD programs.
The seven principles for Innovative Doctoral Training underpin our  research programmes 

Doctoral courses are reserved for a limited number of students, who upon successful completion of their program receive the title of PhD .The Doctoral course is three years with a final thesis to be written in English, and defended in front of a Final Examination Board, made up of professors in the relevant scientific area.

In addition to the final thesis, doctoral students are expected to participate in training activities organized by the SAS  to acquire transferable skills, (such as communications skills, research career development, research management and project funding, methodological skills) and doctoral training in cooperation with industry and other employment sectors.

A minimum of six months research experience is required in another higher educational institution preferably outside Italy The ​Call for admission is usually announced in May   at

Doctoral courses are available in the following areas of scientific research, organized into different curricula as listed below:

Architecture, Design, Planning:
1) Architecture. Theories and Design;
2) Innovation Design;
Sustainable Urban Planning and Inland Areas Development Strategies.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology:
1) Chemical Sciences;

2) Pharmaceutical,  Nutraceutical and Food Sciences;

Computer Science and Mathematics:
1) Computer Science and Mathematics

Legal and Social Sciences:
1) Civil Law and Constitutional Legality;

2) Fundamental Rights in the Global Society;

Life and Health Sciences:
1) Molecular Biology and cellular Biotechnology;
2) One health (integrated approach to health focused on interactions between animals, humans and the environment)

3) Nutrition, Food and Health

Physics, Earth andMaterials Sciences:
1) Physics

2) Physical and chemical processes in Earth systems
3) Materials Sciences

1) Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction within the REDI Research Consortium (
Doctoral Programme in associated form between  UNICAM, and GSSI, INFN, INGV  (DM 226/2021 art.3 c.2)-
2) Neglected and poverty-related parasitic disease in a one health perspective
Doctoral programme in associeted form between  UNICAM and University of Pisa, University of Brescia (DM 226/2021 art.3 c.2)

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