Project Details:

  • UNICAM Project Supervisor:             

           Prof. Cristina Miceli - School of Biosciences (email: cristina.miceli@unicam.it)

  • UNICAM Administrative Coordinator:

           Dr. Arianna Bartoletti - IRO (email: arianna.bartoletti@unicam.it)

           Dr. Sara Rossini - IRO (email: sara.rossini@unicam.it)

  • SUZA Project Supervisor and Administrative Coordinator:

           Dr. Salum Seif Salum - Professor and Coordinator (email: salummchenga@yahoo.com)

  • PHL-IdC Project Supervisor: 

           Dr. Said Mohammed Ali - Chief Executive Offices (CEO) (email: said@phlidc.org)

  • UNICAM Academic Coordinator: 

           Prof. Emanuele Tondi - Rector's Delegate for Non-EU Countries (email: emanuele.tondi@unicam.it)


Totale Grant Awarded: € 25.340,00 



With the Erasmus+ Project KA107, Call 2020, the University of Camerino, the State University of Zanzibar(SUZA) and the Public Health Laboratory Ivo de Carneri (PHL-IdC) implemented a total of 7 mobilities:

- 2 incoming students mobilities for studies at our School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine;

- 1 outgoing student mobility for Traineeships;

- 2 incoming staff mobilities for training;

- 1 outgoing staff mobility for teaching;

- 1 outgoing staff mobility for training;

The University of Camerino (UNICAM) has a long tradition of cultural and research collaboration with Sub-Saharian African countries and every year enrolls numerous African students. The collaboration with the SUZA school of Health and Medical Sciences (SHMS) started in 2017 by the involvement of UNICAM in a parasitology training of young African researchers, developed at the research center Public Health Laboratory (PHL) Ivo de Carneri in Pemba. 

The first implemented mobility was the mobility of the UNICAM PhD student that spent 3 months at the Public Health Laboratory Ivo de Carneri (PHL-IdC) in collaboration with SUZA. The PhD student performed research activity as part of his PhD Project with excellent results. The research was focused mainly on nutrition and parasitology. For further information, you can read the student's report.

Have a look to the report!

Prof. Cristina Miceli went to Tanzania for 13 days of activity and she could supervise his PhD student thanks to the outgoing staff mobility for teaching. However, her mainly goal was to give lessons to Bachelor students in Environmental Health that could be interested in the activation of a joint Master degree between UNICAM and SUZA. An important objective of the lessons, not only based on frontal sessions but also on discussions and reading of research paper, was to understand the preparation and knowledge of the students in the fundamental biological disciplines following the European education system. The research topics were: 1) Molecular biology and genomics research approaches to environmental studies; 2) How to answer to open questions in the research on the human gut microbiota.  

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After Prof. Miceli's mobility, in accordance with the Partners, it was decided to implement an extra "zero-grant" incoming staff mobility for training of Mr. Abdallah Saleh Said from PHL-IdC. The mobility of the technician Mr. Abdulla Saleh from PHL-IdC to UNICAM had as main objectives: 1) providing new skills to the technician in the field of molecular biology that is well developed at UNICAM School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine and 2) promoting research collaboration among the institutions. Particular attention was posed to nuclei acid extractions, quantitation, and sequence analysis. 

During the second semester of the academic year 2022-2023, the University of Camerino hosted 2 Bachelor students in Environmental Health from SUZA for 6 months. They could broaden competencies in the biological field, improve their knowledge and abilities through a valiant intercultural experience. The students highly appreciated UNICAM and the experience in general as reported in their Surveys.

Have a look to the report and letter of one of the students!

During the same semester, Prof. Salum Seif Salum came to UNICAM for a staff mobility for training. Like Prof. Miceli, he could supervise and mentor his Erasmus students and he could meet post-graduate UNICAM students previously graduated at SUZA. In addition, the mobility aimed to strengthen the cooperation between the Institutions and to develop interdisciplinary research projects in a view of further joint projects to apply for. 

Finally, the last mobility was the outgoing staff mobility for training. According to the original project, the mobility aimed to share the best european practices for master courses administration, including digitalization of many processes, thanks to an administrative unit moving to SUZA. Dr. Angela Piersanti provided SUZA staff with training about the Italian Education System and equipment available for an easier organization of a joint master degree in the future. She got also training at PHL-IdC about the last equipment purchased and at SUZA, about their education system through the participation to discussions and focus group. In addition, she kept working to the joint project entitled "Pilot project to investigate the microorganisms associated to microplastic contamination in sandy beaches and to identify microbial communities potentially pathogenic and/or useful in bioremediation protocols”. In this respect, she acquired clear ideas and indications of the environment and locations of the sand sampled performed by SUZA staff to monitoring microplastics.

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                                                                                   Outgoing PhD Student and Staff mobility a.y. 2021-22

Have a look to the Overall Report!