Project Details:

  • UNICAM Project Supervisor:             

           Prof. Marco Cespi- School of Pharmacy (email:

  • UNICAM Administrative Coordinator:

           Dr. Arianna Bartoletti - IRO (email:

           Dr. Sara Rossini - IRO (email:

  • ASU Project Supervisor:

          Prof. Samar Thiab - Exchange Coordinator - International Relations Office (email:

  • ASU Administrative Coordinator: 

           Ms Fedaa Al-Qasem - International Relation Officer (email:

  • UNICAM Academic Coordinator: 

           Prof. Emanuele Tondi - Rector's Delegate for Non-EU Countries (email:


Totale Grant Awarded: € 37.280,00 



With the Erasmus+ Project KA107, Call 2020, the University of Camerino and the Applied Private Science University (ASU) implemented a total of 14 mobilities:

- 4 incoming students mobilities for studies at our School of Pharmacy;

- 2 outgoing staff mobilities for teaching;

- 3 outgoing staff mobilities for training:

- 2 incoming staff mobility for training;

- 3 incoming staff mobility for teaching.

This project is the natural evolution of a well-established research collaboration between academics of both Partners’ faculty of pharmacy. ASU is located in the capital of Jordan, Amman. ASU has been founded in 1989 and it has rapidly risen to be one of the top HEIs in the Middle East. ASU academic programmes comply with the highest international standards of education, as most faculties received full accreditation from recognised American educational institutions (e.g. ACPE for pharmacy). ASU is a medium size-institution (5529 students), it has 8 faculties and it offers 27 bachelor courses and 6 Masters Programs (including the Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences). 

The first mobility implemented was an incoming staff mobility for training of the Dean of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies, Dr. Muhammad Al-Najjar, who discussed ways of future research and academic cooperation between the two universities. The goal of the mobility was to meet the supervisor of the project and the administrative coordinator to increase the ability to exchange teaching and research experience and to apply for new projects. He could visit our laboratories and better know our university to get useful information for the implementation of the current project and future collaborations. 

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During the second semester of the academic year 2022-2023, the University of Camerino hosted 4 MSc. Students from the Faculty of Pharmacy at ASU, carried out research projects related to their master's thesis in cooperation with their academic supervisors. The activities were successfully completed.

One of the students wrote a report about her experience and we are glad to share it with our readers.

Have a look to the report

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The outgoing staff mobility for teaching of Prof. Giovanni Caprioli and Prof. Diego Romano Perinelli were focused on 4 seminars, as established in their mobility agreements. Moreover, they took part to the Pharmacy Scientific Day held in ASU the 21st of May. The Scientific Day was attended by our delegates, by delegates from Jordan Food and Drug Administration, Jordan Pharmacists Association, deans and academics from the faculties of pharmacy in Jordanian universities, representatives of pharmaceuticals companies, and a number of community pharmacists and pharmacy students. The Scientific Day provided an interactive platform for experts and researchers to present their research, exchange new ideas and experiences, and expand their professional network. The Scientific Day also included training workshops that were held for pharmacists and students, as well as an exhibition where many pharmaceutical and medicinal products and instruments from various companies were displayed. Before starting the scientific congress, Prof. Giovanni Caprioli first introduced the University of Camerino to the audience and then he gave an oral communication entitled: Chemical characterization and biological activities of spent coffee ground and coffee silverskin: possible reuse as nutraceuticals and ingredients for fertilizer products, meanwhile Prof. Diego Romano Perinelli gave an oral communication entitled: Biguanide derivates as surfactants and antimicrobial agents for pharmaceutical applications

Professor Caprioli wrote a report about this experience with detailed information about the activities carried out.

Have a look to his report!

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After their mobility, an academic delegation from ASU came to visit the University of Camerino. The academic delegation included: Prof. Wamidh Talib, Dr. Muna Barakat, Dr. Samar Thiab, and Dr. Loai Saadeh. The visit included meetings with researchers at the University of Camerino. In addition, the academics gave specialized lectures for postgraduate students at the host university. 

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The last mobilities were the outgoing Staff mobilities for Training. It is worth noting that the Erasmus+ KA107 project gives the possibility not only to teachers to live these intercultural experiences, but also to administrative staff.

Dr. Arianna Bartoletti, Dr. Sara Rossini and Dr. Moira Aureli could visit and better know the Applied Science Private University. The visit started with a meeting with the university presidency, International Relations Office and a number of deans and members of the different faculties and administrative staff. The visitors were briefed about the different facilities available at ASU and were taken in a tour around the campus. The tour was focused to visiting the Faculty of Pharmacy because of the Agreement between the Institutions. In addition, the tour also included visiting the virtual pharmacy, the computer center, the library, the counseling and training center, the craftsmen's corner, the cadaveric microanatomy laboratory, and the indoor playing courts.​ These exchanges resulted in the strengthening of the collaboration between the universities in the light of the application of the new Erasmus+KA171 project (Call 2024).

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                                                                                   Incoming Student mobility for Studies a.y. 2022/23

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