Research at UNICAM means innovation but also tradition, a stimulating creative environment, interdisciplinarity, investigation, new theories and ideas to gain a better knowledge of the world and its laws.

UNICAM has an important tradition in teaching and  scientific research.
Research projects and Technological Transfer are of  top priority for UNICAM.

In 2005 in order to support its researchers UNICAM adopted the European Charter of Researchers and a Code of Conduct for their recruitment.

UNICAM is one of the Euraxess Service Centres, a part of the EURAXESS Network and backed by the European Commission.

Excellence in research for an open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of researchers

To help teachers and researchers find solutions to some of today’s challenging problems, UNICAM has implemented a Human Resources Strategy for Researchers.

Co-operation agreements with foreign universities and institutions, companies and enterprises involved in the economic and productive life of the region and the creation of spin-off companies are all behind lines of research that range over a wide variety of areas from complex systems to energy, biotechnologies, design, public health, natural drugs, and quality and food safety.

I.I.L.O.Industrial Liason Office: its main goal is to work as interface and liason between UNICAM and the world of work to contribute with innovative research projects to the industrial and economic development of the territory