PhD Doctoral

PhD courses (Doctorate courses) - three years

The Doctor of Philosophy degree represents the highest level of tertiary education. It lasts three to four years and is open only to those who have completed the master degree. Admission is by exam and is reserved for a limited number of students who upon successful completion of their program receive the title of PhD. 

The PhD courses in UNICAM School of Advanced studies involve 3 years of study and research, with a final thesis

Teaching activities primarily involve Seminars and topical Short Courses.

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Doctoral courses are available in the following areas of scientific research, organized into different curricula as listed below:

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology:

1) Chemical Sciences;
2) Pharmaceutical Sciences;

Legal and Social Sciences:

1) Civil Law and Constitutional Legality;
2) Fundamental Rights in the Global Society;

Life and Health Sciences:

1) Molecular Biology and cellular Biotechnology;
2) One health (integrated approach to health focused on interactions between
     animals, humans and their diverse environments)
3) Ecosystems and biodiversity management

Science and Technology:

1) Mathematics
2) Computer Science
3) Theoretical and experimental Physics
4) Physical and chemical processes in Earth systems

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