PhD courses

PhD courses (Doctorate courses) - three years

In 2005 UNICAM has instituted an international School of Advanced Studies with the objective of increasing the participation of foreign candidates in our PhD programs.

  • The School of Advanced Studies plans, organizes, coordinates and evaluates the courses to achieve the title of PhD
  •  The Doctoral course is three years with a final thesis to be written in English, that will be defended in front of a Final Examination Board, made up of professors in the relevant scientific areas. This must include academics and other experts (e.g. from research centres or enterprises), most of whom not from the University of Camerino, and at least one non-Italian.
  •  In addition to the preparation of the final thesis, doctoral candidates are expected to participate in training activities organized by the SAS, all in English, to acquire transferable skills, (such as communications skills, research career development, research management and project funding, methodological skills) and doctoral training in cooperation with industry and other relevant employment sectors.
  •  Conducting some research in public or private laboratories external to the host University is strongly encouraged.
  • To attain the final qualification there should be at least six months experience at a research or higher education Institution different from the University of Camerino and possibly not Italian. 

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Doctoral courses are available in the following areas of scientific research, organized into different curricula as listed below:

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology:

1) Chemical Sciences;
2) Pharmaceutical Sciences;

Legal and Social Sciences:

1) Civil Law and Constitutional Legality;
2) Fundamental Rights in the Global Society;

Life and Health Sciences:

1) Molecular Biology and cellular Biotechnology;
2) One health (integrated approach to health focused on interactions between animals, humans and their diverse environments)

3) Ecosystems and biodiversity management

Science and Technology:

1) Mathematics
2) Computer science
3) Theoretical and experimental Physics
4) Physical and chemical processes in Earth systems

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