Guest House


The university's guest accommodation is mainly for both foreign students and academics from universities and from public and private research bodies visiting Camerino University for cultural exchanges, technical/scientific co-operation or didactic reasons. 

Priority is given, first of all, to the students of the School of Advanced Studies,to researchers and professors coming from abroad as part of existing international co-operation agreements and, secondly, to distinguished scholars spending time at Camerino University with the financial support of the Ministry of Education, university or CNR.
In addition, vacant places can also be used by those invited to conferences,seminars or other cultural events, on request of the activity's organizer  who will be responsible for paying the appropriate fee.
It is forbidden for the official tenant of a room to invite overnight guests or to sublet or loan out the accommodation. It is also forbidden to make excessive noise in the room or to cause damage to the forniture or fabric.

The required compensation for any such damage must be paid promptly.
The Guest House is equipped with an Internet Wireless System. For being authorized to use it, info at 

For any problems, please contact the following phone numbers:

Electrical system: 320 4381261/ 328 8604247/ 329 2609934
Plumbing and central heating: 329 2609934/ 328 8604247/ 329 2609982

Other useful numbers

DOCTOR IN DUTY Free call 800 118013
RED CROSS Tel. 0737 632838 - 632245
POLICE - Emergency number 113
CARABINIERI - Emergency number 112
FIRE BRIGADE - Emergency number 115


Payment has to be done on time at the end of each month. For period of stay shorter than one month before leaving the room
The method of payment is made by:

- cash on the c/c n. 0130300 of BdM Camerino Branch in any Banca delle Marche branch
- in any other bank, through bank transfer c/c n. 0130300 ABI 06055 CAB 68830 addressed to: "University of Camerino', description "pagamento foresteria periodo dal - al" (Payment, period from... to...)
- transfer by the sending Department.

The receipt of payment must be sent by fax to 0737- 404610, by e-mail to, or personally handed out to the International Relations Department, via Pieragostini 18

For any other information about booking, please send an e-mail to the following address: or call the phone number 0737 404620-404601.