Euraxess Service Center

The University of Camerino is part of the European EURAXESS - Researchers in motion Network, backed by the European Commission in order to support European researchers. EURAXESS is a network of more than 200 centers located in 35 European countries. 
The aim is to promote research careers and to facilitate the mobility of researchers across Europe.

EURAXESS develops its activities under the following 4 key initiatives: 

Euraxess Jobs Helps researchers to find jobs and funding opportunities, and offers research organisations (both public and private) to publish their adverts and look for the best talent to recruit. All is free of charge.
Euraxess Services A network of over 500 people in nearly 40 European countries assisting researchers and their families, and providing them with practical information on their stay in another country.
Euraxess Rights Gives information on Researchers’ Rights (European Charter and Code) and on its implementation mechanism, the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers.
Eurakess link A virtual network to connect European researchers overseas.

EURAXESS Italy is part of the EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion initiative and offers targeted information and services to researchers moving to Italy through a national Portal and a Network of Services Centres. 

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In Italy, the Mobility Centers, Euraxess Services Centers and Euraxess Local Points, are coordinated by Crui, which acts as the Euraxess Services Bridgehead Organization to maintain and manage contacts with the Commission and the European network. 
Unicam is one of the Euraxess Services Centers, which provide consulting services and assistance not only for the university, but also for the region as a whole. These services entail comprehensive assistance to researchers and their families in the event of career mobility to or from Italy, from the initial preparatory phases in their home countries all the way to their arrival to their new accommodation (visas, work permits, housing, social security, health care, tax matters, language course and much more).  The center also works as a support platform for institutes and research centers.   
The person in charge of the Mobility Center at Unicam is Francesca Magni.
Assint – Internazionalizzazione
Via Peragostini, 18 – 62032 Camerino
+39 0737 404601 fax 404610
For additional information, contact: 
Rita Ortenzi 
Assint - Internazionalizzazione
Via Pieragostini, 18 - 62032 Camerino
+39 0737 404611 fax 404610 euraxess

The European Charter for Researchers: