Tuition Fees

TUITION FEES a.y. 2020-21


  • All freshmen enrolled in a Bachelor Degree or a One-tier Master Degree for the a.y. 2020-21 are exempt from paying the univerity tuition fees, except for a regional fee 140€ and a revenue stamp (marca da bollo) 16€.

  • For extra-EU students already enrolled and for freshmen enrolled in a two years  Master Degree, a contribution of 300€ or 200€ (*) will be required beyond the regional fees 140€ and the revenue stamp (marca da bollo) 16€

(*)See MIUR List

follow the same rules of Nationals and the calculation of the tuition fee amount  is based on the ISEE-U parificato(**)

For further details in Guida dello Studente or contact the Student Registry 

(**) ISEE-U This document is related to the economic familiar situation: income and assets. The calculation is based on the original financial documents issued by the office in charge  in the home country.Once in Italy, this documents will be  transformed in ISEE-U by Italian Agencies  (CAAF)To the students who will not submit the ISEE-U, the calculation of tuition fees will be applied on the maximun amount.