How to enroll

All foreign nationals in order to be eligible for enrollment
in an Italian University must have 

For a 1st cycle Degree - Laurea (Bachelor  Degree)

              * High-school diploma that satisfies the requirements for access to university education,
                i.e. conferred on completion of a minimum of 12 years of education

For a 2nd cycle Degree - Laurea Magistrale (Master  Degree)

              * Bachelor Degree that satisfies the requirements for access to Universitity Msc
             * List of subjects studied:  transcript of records with grades obtaine
            * Syllabuses of subjects studied (i.e. exam programmes) in Italian or English

        For courses taught in English, it is recommended that International students produce an International English Language Certification preferably at level B2 (Independent User)   of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching.

       For courses taught in Italian, before matriculation, International students must prove their competence in Italian. They are normally asked to sit for an exam (usually held at     the Italian University in September). However they may also meet the language requirement by submitting documentary evidence of already having competence in Italian.

       Entry requirements vary depending on whether you are an EU CITIZEN,  a non-EU CITIZEN resident in Italya non-EU CITIZEN resident outside Italy

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