Each year UNICAM and ERSU (Regional Agency for the Entitlement to Higher Education) award a wide range of scholarships and grants.
Mind these dates!

UNICAM  SCHOLARSHIPS award your merit!

Are you a new student?

You can participate to the call to be awarded of a BORSA DI ECCELLENZA! The notice is usually announced  in July.

From the second year,  you can participate to the call to be awarded of a BORSA DI MERITO! The notice is usually announced  in March
and to the call for a BORSA PART TIME, the notice is usually announced  in November.

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Do you want to be a tutor?
unicam offers you the opportunity to experience a period of tutoring

Are you a student  enrolled in a BSc or in a MSc?
You can participate to the  call for TUTORATO DI SUPPORTO  aimed to help new students to better organize  in the new study environment.
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Are you  enrolled in a MSc, or are you  a forth year student of a one-tier MSc or a doctoral student or are you just graduated?
Why don’t participate to the  call for TUTORATO DIDATTICO aimed to help students during their studies offering support and help.    Information at

ERSU  SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded on the basis of merit and family economic situation.
The scholarship offers certain facilities such as a university tuition fee waiver, accommodation from 1st October to July, meals free of charge at the university canteens, plus some possible additional assistance in cash

The CALL FOR APPLICATION is usually announced mid-July.
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Documents required