Other Mobility programs and grants

In addition to the grant trought the Erasmus+ program, Unicam offers  other grants for International mobility

  • Double Degree Grants
  • Grants for Partner Countries
  • Grant for MsC Graduates for further study or training outside Italy (Borse di perfezionamento)


 The University of Camerino opens a call for n. 20 grants (mobility period: from June 2018 to July 2019) for the achievement of a double/joint degree in EU and non EU Countries for a period varying from 5 to 10 months. The mobility is intended to:  
1. achieve a double/joint degree with the guarantee of academic recognition of the credits, previously agreed with responsibles of each study course;
2. UNICAM foreign students cannot spend the period of study/research in their home Country  

Call  (deadline March 19, 2018 at 14:00) 
Learning Agreement Form is available at http://www.unicam.it/bandi

List of the Double/Joint Degree in force 

Ranking list 


The University of Camerino opens a call for 2018 for n. 15 grants of 3 months length to be spent in Partener Countries Universities, Institutions of higher education or highly qualified professional/private offices, starting from November 2018. Learning ativities to be carried out are: training  activities/thesis/research/internship (duly authorized by the responsibles of the degree course).The grant amount is 3000€.

No. 12 grants are reserved for students enrolled in bachelor degree, master degree and one-tier master degree courses and no. 3 grants for PhD and Schools of Specialization students (no scholarship holders).

Call (deadline March 19,2018) 
Application Form 
Learning Agreement (Studies)

Learning Agreement 
(Thesis or Research)
Learning Agreement (Thesis /Internship)
Withdrawal form

are all available online at http://www.unicam.it/bandi

Ranking list

Grant for MsC Graduates for further study or training outside Italy

Recent Unicam graduates are invited to apply by presenting their qualifications and attending a examination. There are 10 grants for periods of between 3 and 6 months for those wishing to gain further general or specialised experience in Universities, Institutions of higher education or in professionally managed public or private entities in both EU and non EU countries.

Call  (ita/eng)
Ranking list