Practical things/FAQ

This section provides pre-arrival information

Before leaving for Italy, ensure you have packed the following essential documents since without them you will be unable to comply with the essential Italian bureaucratic procedures.

Essential documents to bring with you:

  1. Passport or a valid Identity Card (ID)
  2. Visa, if required
  3. Health Insurance
    for EU citizens the European Health Card  valid for health care assistance
    NON EU citizens are requested to take out a private International Health Insurance before leaving their home country
  4. Documents demonstrating adequate economic means of support to stay in Italy
  5. All the documentation required for the enrollment formalization at the University
  6. Dichiarazione di valore (DV) (i.e. confirmation of the authenticity of your educational certificate)   issued by the Italian Diplomatic Authorities.
  7. 10 passport photos.

Study visa

If you are a citizen of a EU country you can enter Italy with a passport or ID card and are entitled to stay for study or work as long as they like.
You mustn't require  a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) even for visits exceeding three months (Legislative Decree of 6 February 2007, no. 30).  
This agreement also applies for citizens of the new EU countries.

Residence Permit
As EU citizen  you don’t need to apply for any residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) even for visits exceeding three months
This agreement also applies to citizens of the new EU states. 

Health Insurance

As EU citizen you benefit from the new European Health Insurance Card. 
This gives access to immediate essential care under the same conditions as Italian nationals.
The card should be requested from the local health authorities before leaving for Italy


Study visa
As NON EU citizen, you must  apply for a study visa before leaving for Italy.
Applications must be submit at the Italian Embassy/Consulate in the home  country
It is suggested  to apply well in advance of the planned visit or stay in Italy.  
Procedures are subject to change so it is worthwhile to first contact the embassy/consulate or check on the website for information before going personally to the consular offices.
Further information on entry visa for Italy can be found at the website of Ministry for Foreign Affairs at

Residence Permit
As NON EU citizen  you are required to apply for a residence permit within 8 working days of your arrival in Italy (or in the Schengen Area).

For staying of  less than three (3) months up to  a maximum of 90 days, non EU-citizens should obtain a stamp in their passport at the airport on the day of arrival. This stamp is considered the equivalent of the declaration of presence.

Residence permit: HOW TO APPLY

Once in Italy the request has to be sent by mail to the local Immigration Office.

  1. The application form (KIT, a big envelope with instructions and application form) is available at post offices for free.
  2. You must enclose the following documentation with the application form:
  3.  a photocopy of all pages of your passport  (including the empty ones!)
  4.  photocopy of health insurance
  5. photocopy of housing statement (rental contract) or a document attesting you have a place in the Student Residences
  6. a revenue stamp (marca da bollo) for 16€ to be bought at the tobacconist
  7. Documents (in photocopy) demonstrating adequate economic means  to stay in Italy
  8. or documents attesting scholarship

The application form (KIT) completed with all the above documentation must be submitted at a post office. You will receive two receipts plus a notification letter with the date of your appointment at the Immigration Office for the recognition process.
Please note that the two receipts and the notification letter are very important documents and you must keep them until the issuance of the residence permit itself.
- The total cost for theresidence permit is 118,00€ (from 9 June, 2017)
- The residence permit must be renewed every year.
- The Welcome  Office and China Office will give you support  to correctly complete the procedure.
The Welcome Office of UNICAM is located at Polo degli Studenti, Via D'Accorso 16 

Health Insurance
Non Eu citizens can choose from different kinds of Health Insurance:

1) National Health System (SSN) offers complete health assistance – included the option of a general practitioner. The cost is 149,77€ for one year (1st January – 31st December).
Registration is at the local ASUR Offices.
Documents required for voluntary subscription to the National Health System
- passport
- valid residence permit
- certificate of local residence issued by the Registry Office (Ufficio Anagrafe) of the Comune (Town Hall). 
- receipt of payment of 149.77€ (F24 form) 

2) Private insurance, to be purchased from a private insurance company. 
3) INA Assitalia Insurance Company offers a budget  health insurance policy only for emergency (first aid) at 98.00€ per one year and 49.00€ for 6 months. 
To subscribe this policy you must make a payment on a giro account to
INA-Assitalia - C/C n. 712 70 003.
Agenzia Generale
Via del Tritone, 181 - 00187 Roma
6 months = 49.00 Euro.Causale (Reason)Polizza Sanitaria studente straniero da 0 a 6 mesi 
12 months = 98.00 Euro Causale (Reason)Polizza Sanitaria studente straniero da 0 a 12 mesi
4) Posta Protezione dal mondo 
At the post Office, the new policy designed for foreign citizens legally resident in Italy